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Actions for Strengthening US-China Friendship!

Voices for Supporting Peaceful China Re-Unification!

We were all from Taiwan , where we grew up and studied, a place appearing often in our dreams as homeland. The people in Taiwan are simple, peaceful, modest, diligent, competitive with strong motivation to strive for success. These traits and virtue nurtured our characters and made us proud and sentimental about Taiwan. Unfortunately and sadly, Taiwan was under Japanese occupation for fifty years, suffering from a systemic discrimination and savage colonial rule. History dealt Taiwan an unfair hand in the path of returning to China; Potsdam Declaration was dishonored. Some people want to rely on external forces to make Taiwan independent from unification with China, we believe that political attempt is not to the best interests of Taiwan. "The thought of Taiwan Independence" denies the history of China and Taiwan, violates the traditions of Taiwanese people, destroys the future prosperity of Taiwan and depriving Taiwanese people to be a part of the world -respected unified China. We firmly oppose Taiwan Independence!

Mainland China is our ancestral land and our cultural roots. Since its 'reform and opening up', the economical development and national strength of China has been the envy of the world. It proved " surpass Britain and catch up with the U.S. " is not a dream or slogan but a reality. Exposed from this success, we also witnessed many of the ills and evils of governance: official corruption , judicial injustice , and widening gaps of wealth in societies. We as caring people of Chinese descend have to urge the leadership of the CCP officials to wake up to cleanse the party and purge the corruption throughout the country up and down in the leadership to steer the nation from a nightmare to a healthy China Dream !

The United States is the country of immigrants, the new country for us. We appreciate the United States as the land of opportunities, where we live, work , get married and have a family and career. Like many other Americans , we have independent views on political issues and do not necessarily agree with all US government policies, for example, the invasion of Iraq, the support of the military government in Egypt , and especially the US-Japan military alliance which is a very sensitive issue to Asian Americans. In a non-diplomatic language, the current policy is like raising a vicious bull dog but not effectively chained, the bark may lead to a bite, can the United States be conscientiously free of guilt? On some unreasonable US foreign policies and practices, as Americans we have to voice our concern and protest through all media including creating our own!

We believe that Taiwan belongs to the people of Taiwan but also belongs to the entire Chinese people just like Hawaii belongs to all Americans. Similarly, mainland China belongs to the people of the entire continent mainland China and the people of Taiwan just like Hawaiians feel about the US. The two sides have to walk towards peaceful reunification and to realize a prosperous 'Chinese Dream' together. We hope the CCP leadership and ranking officials will govern the mainland China with a more transparent, just, harmonious, law-abiding and happy social system which will draw Taiwan people to raise their desire to take voluntary steps towards peaceful reunification for the goal of fulfilling a "Chinese Dream"!

The United States and China are the world's two largest economies , with intertwined trade relations of mutual benefits, a situation like lips and teeth with vital mutual dependency. Mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries will bring stability and prosperity to the world; suspicion and conflict between the two countries will bring destruction and disasters to Earth. Thousands of miles apart between the U.S. and China , there is no territorial conflict or struggle, nor necessary hostility. Historically, two countries had been anti-fascist allies and had won the final victory of the Second World War. Korean War was a fierce battle , both countries injured; and finally a piece of paper treaty gave both sides a rude awakening. Hindsight, in view of the present two Koreas, it was an unnecessary war violated the golden principle - Peace Is Far More Valuable Than War. President Nixon 's ice-breaking trip to China enhanced the US-China relations, finally led to the collapse of the Communist Soviet Union; the U. S. has won the final victory of the Cold War ! China has also benefitted from the shaded help from the United States to open up and reform which led to China's miracle economical development. This American credit that Chinese appreciates openly seems to fall on a blind eye in American foreign policy, puzzling Chinese Americans why China is the New Cold War target. The historical events over the past three quarter of a century clearly outlined the prospects for future US-China relations in an obvious scenario : cooperation is mutually beneficial , a win-win ! Hostile on the other hand is a lose-lose situation! Here we must appeal to the leaders of two countries : To promote mutual understanding of China and the United States ! To Strengthen US-China cooperation ! Jointly Forward the world to peace and prosperity!

We with our background are grateful to Taiwan , mainland China , and the United States ; our hearts are full of love for them. Precisely because of this love, we can not help but voice our concerns, suggestions and criticisms. We are not rebellious, just wish to share our views like a cave man discovering and offering sunshine or a fisherman willing to reveal a great fishing spot. The articles published in this forum may be sharp and critical, but we plead to the three governments in The United States - China relationship to keep an open mind, to understand the good intentions of the authors and don't shut us out, after all, we are the citizens!

This forum is open to the public. We hope that all Chinese and Americans having the same belief will join us , wherever you live and wherever you come from, we welcome your contributions and letters . Let us consolidate our actions to strengthen The US-China Friendship! Let us raise our voices to support The Peaceful China Re-Unification!